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      2019 HIGHLIGHTS

      Providing Building Safety Solutions and Strategies for a Resilient Future



      The International Codes are developed though a governmental consensus process that leaves the final determination of code provisions in the hands of public safety officials with no financial stake in the outcome. This system of code development has provided the highest level of safety in the world for more than 90 years.

      Code Changes
      Votes Cast
      Government Agency Members
      Private Sector Members
      Total Governmental Member Voting Representatives

      Major Adoptions & Legislative Updates

      The Code Council launched its Government Relations National Strategy that coordinates federal, state and local efforts in a national, cohesive and comprehensive strategic approach.
      Chicago Flag
      "Being a world-class city and attracting the talent and businesses that keep our economy growing requires that Chicago is at the top of national standards from the ground up. We are modernizing our building code to advance sustainability, make construction more cost-effective, and continue our city’s reputation for innovative design and world- renowned architecture."
      - Rahm Emanuel
      Former Mayor of Chicago
      Philadelphia Flag
      "Building codes affect everyone who lives, plays, works, and goes to school in and around buildings. In other words, it affects every one of us. That’s why the City of Philadelphia is taking the lead to make sure our building codes are fully up-to- date."
      - Jim Kenney
      Mayor of Philadelphia
      Texas Flag
      "The Texas pool and spa industry is committed to working with the many municipalities and jurisdictions to adopt these standards, which help make all of the state’s pools and spas safer."
      - Will Ainsworth
      Texas Pool and Spa
      Coalition President
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